Mobile Carrier Voice

Whether it’s the public cloud or a private bubble, Evolve Cellular’s VoiceWorkX services bring you the highest quality experience with voice and texting.  


Private Bubble

Private Networks are all about security and privacy; so don’t forget your voice communications.  Our solutions allow you to bring carrier-grade voice into your island to stay – or to bridge over to the outside world.


Public Cloud

As a full Mobile Network Operator, Evolve Cellular can provide you a true mobile bonded network to optimize performance and security while having full nation-wide coverage.


This is a gif that appears as a video saying Calling in Teams and Texting in Teams.

Voice Calling in TEAMs

Inbound and outbound calling with great voice quality and full functionality. Accurate caller ID with the optional auto routing.


Voice & Text Messaging in TEAMs

Text messaging and multi-media messaging from within Microsoft Teams and with your personal number. Centralized storage of message history.


Business/Mobile Numbers

Port your own existing numbers or add new ones from Evolve. Standard business numbers and toll free. Move numbers into Microsoft Teams as you are ready.


Mobile Identity and Network

A 3GPP/GSMA accredited mobile network operator with full regulatory rights for numbering, devices, interconnection/traffic exchange, and roaming rights nationwide


IMS-based Core Integration

High quality, high availability every generation network solutions for use in the service layer of the communication network


Network for Innovation

Innovation occurs at the edge of the network, and Evolve lives on the edge!