Evolve Cellular VoiceWorkX Services

Carrier Grade Voice Service for Private Wireless Networks 

With the blossoming of private networks that is occurring, the organizations investing in these networks may soon realize they are missing a vital piece to fully enable their workforce: voice service. 

Private wireless networks enhance privacy and security objectives.  The introduction of cellular technology for these networks brings in concepts of device identifiers (such as IMSIs and SIMs).  Using these device identifiers, the private wireless network limits access to the network by authenticating the physical device as it attaches to the network.

Mobile Network Operators can bring even more to our enterprise customers.  Evolve has deep expertise in voice; with technologies such as VoLTE and IMS and can introduce the idea of local only voice traffic on a mobile device allowing the employee freedom from their desktop and still be accessible.   

Furthermore, with our expertise in IMS-based applications for filtering, routing, and blocking calls we can help our customers to implement policy for employee access on their device.  With our Carrier implementations, we can enable our customers to roam outside the private network, keeping the policy rules in place. 

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