Evolve IMS (IMSWorkX)


Flexible and Reliable Solutions for VoLTE Deployment

We make VoLTE uncomplicated

IMSWorkX, Inc. is your Xpress Lane to VoLTE services.  In the race to implement VoLTE, the IMSWorkXTM VoLTE Suite is a simplified approach to delivering Call Control, Call Establishment, Call Continuity, Service Centralization and MMTel functionality for voice, video and text. Compliance with industry standards ensures that our XpressWorkXTM Application Server is easily integrated into your IMS network.  Our products stay current with evolving network architecture paving the way for more voice services.

The IMSWorkXTM VoLTE Suite

As mobile operators begin to put voice on their LTE network, it’s important to have a reliable and dependable partner with a flexible Application Server. As market demands grow and user needs change, the XpressWorkX Application Server has the ability to deliver beyond your expectations, providing robust and full-featured services that exist today, as well as support the rapid development and deployment of new, more updated services to meet subscriber demand for tomorrow.

Telephony Application Server (TAS)

The XpressWorkX Application Server is the most flexible and robust Telephony Application Server (TAS), providing call establishment and anchoring of VoLTE calls.  Carrier-grade and feature-rich, our TAS conforms to 3GPP.  This world class product offers an optimal, seamless service experience.

Voice Call Continuity (VCC) Server

IMSWorkX VCC-AS allows operators  to make call handovers while maintaining QoS as a mobile phone moves between an LTE and non-LTE Network (GSM or CDMA), for a consistent and seamless subscriber experience. With both IMS and GSM protocols to talk to your MSC, MME and other network equipment; this solution can help you achieve SRVCC and eSRVCC requirements by ensuring subscriber services regardless of LTE or non-LTE calls.  With native CAMEL and MAP interfaces, voice call continuity handovers from LTE to CDMA may also be achieved.  

Service Centralization & Continuity (SCC) Server

This flexible and robust element uses methods defined by 3GPP as part of IMS Centralized Services (ICS), calls are anchored in the SCC-AS ensuring consistency.  For all calls that are anchored, the SCC-AS acts as a BACK-to-Back-User-Agent (B2BUA) establishing calls legs to all endpoints from the INVITE to the BYE.

The IMSWorkX solution is compliant with GSMA  IR.64 IMS Service Centralization and Continuity Guidelines, providing for the following mandatory supplemental services:

MMTel Capabilities Server

The IMSWorkX VoLTE Suite provides MMTel-AS call control for these standardized media capabilities:

  • Full duplex speech
  • Real time video (simplex, full duplex)                   
  • Text communication
  • File transfer
  • Video clip, picture, and audio clip sharing
  • Ability to add and drop media as needed during a session  

IMS Core Interworkings

The final element of our VoLTE Suite provides core functionality for the  Interrogating (I-) and Serving (S-) CSCF.

The I-CSCF is the contact point within the network for all connections destined to a user of that network. On IMS registration, it interrogates the HSS to determine which suitable S-CSCF to route the request for registration. For mobile terminating calls, it interrogates the HSS to determine which S-CSCF the user is registered on.

The S-CSCF provides session set-up, session tear-down, session control and routing functions. It generates records for billing purposes for all sessions under its control, and invokes Application Servers based on data received from the HSS. The S-CSCF acts as SIP registrar for VoLTE UEs that the HSS and I-CSCF assign to it. It queries the HSS for the applicable subscriber profiles and handles calls involving these end points once they have been registered.

Potential VoLTE Architecture

IMSWorkX VoLTE Suite Benefits

Complete software solution, fully virtualized operating environment

Our 100% software solution is deployed in a virtual environment, reducing hardware dependencies and containing OPEX and CAPEX.

Carrier-grade, high availability cluster with redundancy

Extremely reliable and well tested, our solution is engineered and tested to exceed five-nines high availability standards.

Flexibility to work with existing and planned network

Our TAS includes interfaces to interoperate with IMS and other network elements. It supports the messaging interfaces needed for CAMEL, MAP, and IN as well as SIP, Diameter and SIGTran protocols.

Expertly integrated with support from an experienced team that understands carrier concerns

Key players on the IMSWorkX team have over 50 years of combined experience in telecommunications and with the IMSWorkX product line.


Our solution allows you to implement exactly what you need, no over-investing in unnecessary components.