Evolve IMS (IMSWorkX)

Intelligent Call Routing

IMSWorkX Intelligent Call Routing (ICR) service provides a highly customizable call routing plan that takes any number and routes it to any destination whether it is using SIP or AIN protocol.  This type of flexible call routing plan allows for enhanced user features such as Toll Free, Call Forwarding, Number Portability, Service Sharing, Find me / Follow me, as well as possible commercial long distance cost reductions. This innovative service exploits the existing infrastructure to solve real problems with communications, without having to rely on expensive equipment updates.


  • Customize how your telephone numbers and endpoints are used.
  • Centralized lookup of alternative telephone numbers give you greater control and saves time and effort
  • Web-based User Interface makes maintaining the call routing database easy
  • Resides on the XpressWorkX Application Server using next generation network standards

Built in Call Routing Types

The Route to the destination is determined by evaluating rules with established criteria that are specified in a call plan.  

  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Percent allocation
  • Events and holidays
  • Geographic and calling number matching
  • Number range mapping
  • Menu driven routing

SIP Call Treatments

ICR allows you to select the call treatment (connection type).

  • SIP Redirect (302 message)
  • Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA)
  • Attended Transfer

AIN Queries and Responses

ICR also responds to the following AIN queries:

  • AIN Termination Attempt
  • AIN Info Collected
  • AIN Info Analyzed

Easy to use Web-based User Interface 

IMSWorkX ICR comes with an easy-to-use Web-based User Interface (Web UI) for easy access to all of its functionality. Users can easily build complex call plans and treatments combining any of the routing types listed above. These plans and treatments can then be mapped to any number, or range of numbers.

The Web-UI has different layouts for the different roles to edit and prioritize the features of ICR.

  • Platform Owners- entity that deploys the network which runs ICR
  • Service Providers – entity that are offering their customers routing features as services
  • Subscribers – may be given access to their own numbers and can edit call plans and routing rules.

XpressWorkX Application Server

IMSWorkX Intelligent Call Routing is a turn-key service that resides on the XpressWorkX Application Server and takes advantage of the built-in high availability cluster of the Application Server. This solution integrates easily with existing data center hardware and database systems. The XpressWorkX Application Server uses next generation network standards and a multi-service environment that can be deployed on most industry standard server hardware. The Server’s distributed processing and load balancing capability allows for rapid addition or modification of services with no interruption. The high availability features of the application server ensures that users always have access to their Intelligent Call Routing service.