Evolve IMS (IMSWorkX)

Personalized Call Screening

Detect and Block Robocalls and Reduce Annoyance Calls


  • Easy-to-use IVR and Web-based user interfaces for maintaining subscriber screening preferences
  • Flexible call treatments that can be configured based on subscriber needs
  • Callers are authenticated with an audio CAPTCHA before the call is connected
  • Integrates with TNS’ Call Guardian to provide real-time network data analytics for accurately identifying both robocalls and call spoofing
  • Resides on the XpressWorkXTM  Application Server multi-service environment using next generation standards

Robocall Blocking with More

IMSWorkX Personalized Call Screening solution is an ultra flexible, highly customizable solution for screening incoming calls. Provide your subscribers with privacy by eliminating those annoying calls that use a computerized auto dialer to deliver pre-recorded messages (robocalls). Personalize the treatment for screened calls to ensure wanted calls are delivered, unwanted calls are not.

Service Provider Input

Our solution empowers the Service Provider with the ability to take multiple call handling paths to identify and filter unwanted calls. The Service Provider can configure calls to be screened against subscriber-maintained lists, screened against Global lists, perform a simple human CAPTCHA test, record calling party greeting, or access TNS´ Call Guardian, a real-time telephone number reputation analysis that provides the most accurate and timely detection of robocallers. This provides a meaningful solution to address multiple types of unwanted calls.

Subscriber Input

Every subscriber has an associated white (allow) and black (deny) list they create an maintain. At any time, a full featured IVR interface can be accessed which allows the subscriber to activate and deactivate call screening, manage both their white and black lists, and assign call treatments for unknown callers. From the web-based user interface subscribers can build their white list by importing their contacts from a Comma Separated Value list, as well as access the full functionality available from the IVR interface.

XpressWorkX Application Server

The IMSWorkX Personalized Call Screening is a turn-key service that resides on the XpressWorkX Application Server and takes advantage of the built-in high availability cluster of the Application Server. This solution integrates easily with existing data center hardware and database systems. The XpressWorkX Application Server uses next generation network standards and a multi-service environment that can be deployed on most industry standard server hardware. The Server’s distributed processing and load balancing capability allows for rapid addition or modification of services with no interruption. The high availability features of the application server ensures that users always have access to their Personalized Call Screening Service.

We offer robust call treatment options that are like building blocks offering flexible layers of call handling choices that can be configured based on your subscriber’s needs.