Changing the game in mobile technology and network customization.

Founded in 2009 with the 700 MHz spectrum auction by the FCC, Evolve was created to unlock innovation.

Evolve Cellular is a mobile network operator, not an MVNO, or an MVNE, etc. We are a mobile carrier, selling mobile services globally. The official designation of the company by the U.S. federal government is a CMRS, which stands for Commercial Mobile Radio Services provider. As a CMRS, Evolve has all of the rights, privileges, and obligations which other mobile operators possess.

For several years we have cleared a path for mobile innovation. We have obtained LTE spectrum, deployed cellular towers, implemented multiple IMS cores, etc. As a result, we are now opening the doors to innovation which were previously locked from the inside. We can add mobile technology, which means we can add value to almost any other non-mobile network.

With the acquisition of IMSWorkX in 2023, Evolve Cellular combines the power of MNO operations with software development capabilities to advance both public and private networks.

Meet our team

Our leadership team drives the spirit of innovation.

Lowell Feldman

Founder & CEO

Rich Lewis

Finance & Accounting

Shannon Chevier


Scott Foster