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What about Voice?

Providing Voice calls and Texting with consumer handsets is the heart of Evolve’s VoiceWorkX Services. These are the building blocks that provide an end-to-end solution on .  ​

Our VoiceWorkX Service for Private 4G and 5G networks delivers the best performance, up-time, and security. Utilizing Evolve’s GSMA Certified Voice and Messaging mobile network, we help our customers provide voice calling and native messaging to the end user on their consumer handset.  ​

Today’s private wireless networks enhance privacy and security objectives.  The introduction of cellular technology for these networks brings in concepts of device identifiers (such as IMSIs and SIMs).  Evolve has deep expertise in voice; with technologies such as VoLTE and IMS, and can introduce the idea of local voice traffic on a mobile device within the footprint of the private network. Using our IMSIs and Mobile Carrier identity, we can also enable roaming behavior for voice access outside the confines of the private network.  

Expanding an Application?

The full power of our Messaging subsystem, texting with SMS or MMS; can be integrated into any application. Our Messaging API provides full mobile messaging services from an programmable interface. Using our IMSIs and Mobile Carrier identity, mobile messaging functionality is anywhere your application needs it.​